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Our doula services provide the best support for a new mother, through the entire birth process. We’ll be there for you, every step of the way.


Providing emotional, physical and informational support to you (and partner).


Providing emotional, physical and informational support to you (and partner).


Independent Childbirth Education Classes


Independent Childbirth Education Classes


Doula. Birth support worker. Birth worker. Birth companion. Birth supporter.

They’re all alternative names for the same calling. A Doula (pronounced doo-la) is a trained professional who supports you during pregnancy, labour and after birth.

A Doula’s primary responsibility is to you, the mother. When midwives finish their shift or attend to other women, your Doula will remain and support you continuously while you labour and birth.

You remain responsible for all decisions; however, a Doula is with you to:

  • Give/get you the correct information so you can choose what’s right for you

  • Physically and emotionally support you throughout labour, birth and postnatally

  • Make sure your partner, family members and medical professionals are on board with your priorities

  • Teach, guide and support your partner.

Yes, we can hear what you’re thinking and no, Doulas aren’t just for hippies.

There’s nothing new age about women supporting women during childbirth. This is how women have traditionally been supported for thousands of years.

Our doula training is scientifically based and the benefits of engaging a doula to assist with childbirth have been scientifically proven.


D.O.M.E is a collective of kick arse Doulas operating in Melbourne and the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We’re professionally trained. We’ve got chutzpah. We’ve got energy. We’re hands on and we’re ready for the long haul. And to be completely honest, we’re brilliant at supporting you birth.

We believe birth doesn’t have to be scary and we want you to enjoy this memorable time.

Just so you know, although our clients think we’re freakin amazing (check out our testimonials), we can’t perform miracles. There may be a possibility one or more of us are actually unicorns but that’s not important right now.

What’s important is although there aren’t any guarantees you’ll have the exact birth you envisage, we’ll prepare you and support you when you’re most vulnerable so you’re in the best possible position to handle each challenge.

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Jennifer. From the moment we met we felt comfortable and it was an easy decision to hire Jen. Jennifer was so knowledgeable and comforting. Even when things didn’t go as expected she helped us roll with the punches. We felt confident having Jen by our side even especially as big decisions had to be made. I experienced a mammoth labour lasting close to 5 days and Jen was always checking on me with calls and text messages until I finally decided I needed more support and she was by my side for the remaining 28 hours before Owen was born. Jennifer made an effort to build a relationship with not only myself but also my husband, which was such an integral part of what made my birthing team so strong when it came to protecting my space. I without a doubt will hire Jennifer for each baby to come (if she will agree of course). Thank you Jennifer!
Cassandra C.
I highly recommend Jen’s services. I was fearful about my birth until I met Jen. She showed me that the birthing experience is natural, calming and beautiful. Her support during birthing was excellent, from foot massage, relaxing music, position advice and calming words. I look forward to my next birth experience with Jen!
Melanie S.

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