Code of conduct

At D.O.M.E we educate our clients to help create a smoother pregnancy, birth and postnatal period for both themselves and their family. We enlighten our clients with techniques to use during labour to facilitate a more comfortable labour process. We support our client’s decisions and preferences also physically with forms of massage and positioning, and mentally with empathy, encouragement, listening and understanding.

We treat ALL people with respect, courtesy and kindness including medical professionals. We do not argue with opinion even if that opinion is vastly different from what we believe. We can offer information that is an alternative to an opinion, but we do not judge or hold choices against anyone.

We do not refuse support for anyone based on race, religion, sexual orientation, financial status, social group, birth place choice or opinion.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are different for each Doula and therefore set out in each representative of D.O.M.E.S individual contract.