What can Doulas do?

We don’t take over and push our own agenda

We understand it can be confusing, especially if this is your first pregnancy. But a D.O.M.E. Doula will never push her personal beliefs.

A Doula complements attending medical professionals

A Doula is a childbirth professional who works with your chosen medical care to provide what you need, physically and emotionally.

We break down into bite-sized pieces (easier to mentally digest) the doctor-speak and other large chunks of information thrown at you. This way, both you and your partner know exactly what’s going on and when, and we can make sure your mind stays in the zone.

A Doula doesn’t provide any medical care or give medical advice. However, we know many medical aspects of labour and delivery and can answer any of your questions before, during and after birth.

A Doula provides birth support

We provide emotional, physical and informational support to you (and partner). Depending on the level of care you choose, this support usually starts before birth (prenatal), is always there during childbirth and can potentially extend after delivery (packages have different postnatal options).

Before birth you can ask your Doula questions, talk over any of your fears or concerns and together we can create a birth plan.

During birth we’re always with you. We help manage your comfort with pain-relief techniques (e.g. breathing, relaxation techniques, massage and labouring positions). We also provide reassurance and encourage your partner (if applicable) to participate.

We support the decisions you make and gently remind staff of your priorities to help you to have the birth you want, safely and positively, unmedicated or caesarean. Basically, we’ve got you.

Types of postnatal services your Doula can offer include informational support on how to feed/look after your baby, cleaning, cooking meals or emotional support if you feel like you’re losing your shit.

Speak to us about what postnatal services are available with D.O.M.E.

Ready to welcome a birth experience like no other?