Our clients love us

Of course our clients blardy love us! We’re Doulas because we can’t get enough of this whole birthing bizzo. We choose to get involved in what can be one of the most amazing experience/s of your life and we’re 100% committed to you getting the most out of it, positively and safely.

Our D.O.M.E. Doula testimonials

I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Jennifer. From the moment we met we felt comfortable and it was an easy decision to hire Jen. Jennifer was so knowledgeable and comforting. Even when things didn’t go as expected she helped us roll with the punches. We felt confident having Jen by our side even especially as big decisions had to be made. I experienced a mammoth labour lasting close to 5 days and Jen was always checking on me with calls and text messages until I finally decided I needed more support and she was by my side for the remaining 28 hours before Owen was born. Jennifer made an effort to build a relationship with not only myself but also my husband, which was such an integral part of what made my birthing team so strong when it came to protecting my space.

I without a doubt will hire Jennifer for each baby to come (if she will agree of course). Thank you Jennifer!

Cassandra C.

Jen is the support I needed and I would recommend her services to anyone feeling anxious or if you’ve had a bad experience during pregnancy and/or birth. Jen is very knowledgeable and supplies fantastic resources to help inform you of any decision you choose to make. I found Jen to always be 10 steps ahead of me when it came to planning and assistance and because of that I was able to birth my way and achieve a VBAC.

Liz K.

Thank you (Jen) for making Charlie’s birth so special. From our first meeting any fears or apprehensions I had, dissolved away. You gave me confidence and helped put my mind at ease. Your unconditional support and reliability was truly inspirational. You are a wealth of knowledge about birth and birthing women. I wouldn’t give birth again without you!

Michelle J.

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